EBL Webserver

· Remote monitoring over TCP/IPusing WEBinterface
· Full control of the c.i.e. remotely
· Easy access to the web interface of the IP cameras
· Interoperability with other systems like:
– Security Management Systems
– Panasonic CCVE solutions
– Several drivers and protocols (EBLnet, EBLtalk,
Modbus, OPC server,...) for easy integration

EBL Webtool

· Monitors several EBWebs at the same time

· Reports fire alarm, faults or other deviations

· Easy configuration with EBLWeb Monitor tool

· Opens a website to a specific EBLWeb

· Supports map image handling, so that the user may position the fire alarm systems on a user specified map

· Adapted for usage on PC or tablet

EBL Graphics

· Monitors a complete EBL system

· Reports fire alarm, faults or other deviations

· Possibility to reset fire alarms and acknowledge faults

· Possibility to disable / re-enable single alarm points or zones graphically

· Easy configuration with EBL Graphics Designer

· Supports hierarchical drawing image handling, so that the user may monitor the system on detailed drawings

· Inspect the monitored area with a linked Panasonic network camera

FP OPC Server

The Panasonic OPC Server allows high-performance data transfer (v1-v3) between applications supporting the universally accepted OPC DA Standard and the Web-server II 1598.