EBL Webserver

· Remote monitoring over TCP/IPusing WEBinterface
· Full control of the c.i.e. remotely
· Easy access to the web interface of the IP cameras
· Interoperability with other systems like:
– Security Management Systems
– Panasonic CCVE solutions
– Several drivers and protocols (EBLnet, EBLtalk,
Modbus, OPC server,...) for easy integration

EBL Webtool

· Monitors several EBWebs at the same time

· Reports fire alarm, faults or other deviations

· Easy configuration with EBLWeb Monitor tool

· Opens a website to a specific EBLWeb

· Supports map image handling, so that the user may position the fire alarm systems on a user specified map

· Adapted for usage on PC or tablet

EBL Graphics

· Monitors a complete EBL system

· Reports fire alarm, faults or other deviations

· Possibility to reset fire alarms and acknowledge faults

· Possibility to disable / re-enable single alarm points or zones graphically

· Easy configuration with EBL Graphics Designer

· Supports hierarchical drawing image handling, so that the user may monitor the system on detailed drawings

· Inspect the monitored area with a linked Panasonic network camera

FP OPC Server

The Panasonic OPC Server allows high-performance data transfer (v1-v3) between applications supporting the universally accepted OPC DA Standard and the Web-server II 1598.

Waasland Security is een door de Federale Overheid erkende onderneming voor alarmsystemen en camerasystemen, geregistreerd onder vergunning FOD 20.1884.01, en gespecialiseerd in elektronische beveiligingsoplossingen voor particulieren, bedrijven en overheden.

BTW BE 0561.880.715

Waasland Security is ook aanwezig op de Belgische portaalsite voor beveiligingsexperts.

Tijdens kantooruren
  • +32 3 289 83 21
Meldkamer van Seris Monitoring
  • +32 3 289 83 21